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No two families live in the exact same way, so why should they have the same house?


Bring your ideas to life and create a home that meets Your Lifestyle! A designer is able to accomplish this by incorporating a number of different factors.


1.  Every great design begins by analyzing the building site. Whether you are considering a site, or you are the owner and are ready to live in your perfect home, the designer can inform you on site specific qualities of the lot. The site is so integral to the design that no professional would ever agree with just building a random house on a lot. To increase the house's performance, comfort, and quality of life, each house should be designed to the natural advantages of the given site, and should respond to the pattern of the sun, wind direction, and views. A room can be transformed by bright sun-filled spaces or intimate private lookouts. Working with a designer will bring these hidden characteristics of the site to the surface.


2.  Home is not just a series of rooms; it's about the experience. A designer will listen to your thoughts, visions and dreams, and bring these ideas to life in delightful and unexpected ways. It is really good to have an idea of what you like and do not like in a home, but it is also important to come into your relationship with your designer with an open mind, as you will be surprised what incredible forms your lifestyle will create in a functional home. A designer will take your list of 'must have' rooms, also known as your program, and will design with site orientation, public and private spaces, and lifestyle in mind.


3.  Constant open communication is key. Throughout each step of the process Uprise keeps the channels of communication flowing, and believes that our relationship with the client co-creates a house to last generations.


4.  Good design is in the details. Someone who pays attention to interior detailing as well as exterior style will create a custom house plan that stands out. In today's culture, custom home design does not stop at the floor plan, it represents the interior and exterior details, energy efficient construction strategies, structural integrity, site responsive features, and indoor/outdoor spaces. Attention to all of these features will not only make the design of your house more pleasing, but also more functional, comfortable, and moulded to your lifestyle.


5.  We don't design in a bubble. At Uprise we are trained and have experience with the building process and make it a priority to include your builder and trades in the final stages of construction drawings. Uprise ensures that each necessary trade reviews the plans to avoid any surprises in the construction process, which saves money, stress, and delays.


6.  Navigating municipal regulations can be a headache. All municipalities have specific zoning and building bylaws, so it is important to have an understanding of what these limitations are before going ahead with a design. Designers are very much aware of these laws and will collect the necessary zoning and building information specific to your lot and location to help identify any municipal bylaws that might affect design.


7.  Cost? Less than you might think, and worth every penny! Please feel free to contact us to discuss your project, our potential involvement, and we will gladly give you a quote. The common practice of choosing a design from a book can be enticing because the sticker prices seem so low, but once you choose to customize any portion of those plans, the final bill adds up pretty quickly. Let us make every penny count by providing you with a beautiful, functional design, and a knowledgable service.



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